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Introducing what is being heralded as

the most revolutionary Revitalizing Hair & Scalp System


KERACELL® Revitalizing Hair & Scalp System for Men & Women with MULTIPLE HUMAN CELL Stem Cell Technology™, Redensyl®, Capixyl™ & Baicapil™, is a complete system designed to cleanse & nourish the scalp & hair, while providing the optimal conditions necessary for hair follicle regeneration.

  • Stem cell growth factors nourish & regenerate scalp & follicles

  • In vitro & ex vivo clinically tested biomimetic peptides

  • Helps prevent & stop hair loss process & stimulates hair growth by increasing the Anagen/Telogen ratio

  • Helps modulate DHT, improves hair anchoring & reduces inflammation in the scalp

  • Provides antioxidants, limiting free radical damage to the skin & scalp

  • Helps increase the size of hair follicle for better hair number & vitality

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