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Female Hair Loss – What Causes it and What Can You Do About it?

Hair loss is extremely common in men, and while it's fair to say that nobody likes to lose their hair, most men are able to deal with it and go on with their lives. When hair loss occurs in women, its effects can be a real confidence-killer. When a man loses his hair, it's almost always going to be due to genetics. When it happens to women, there are a variety of causes.

What Causes Female Hair Loss?

For some women, like Tyra Banks, hair loss can occur because of too much stress. Another common cause of hair loss in women is simply doing too much to it. Frequent dying, drying, bleaching, and treating can weaken the hair and cause it to fall out.

And the there are hormones. Hormonal shifts in women, particularly during pregnancy and menopause, commonly cause your hair to thin and shed excessively. Also, aging can play a factor in thinning hair, too. As we age, our hair will naturally thin out over time.

What Can be Done About it?

Before you can take action to stop your thinning hair, you need to know what the cause is. There are a lot of different remedies out there, but most of them are tailored to one specific cause. For example, if your hair loss is due to too much dying, the obvious fix is to stop dying your hair. If it's stress, taking steps to better manage your life or get yourself through the stressful situation you're in can help greatly.

For other causes, you may need to look into products that are scientifically proven to help regrow your hair, like the KERACELL® Hair & Scalp Revitalizing System. Our system has been formulated for both men and women who are currently experiencing hair loss, and utilizes our state-of-the-art Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell™ Technology. The KERACELL® Hair & Scalp Revitalizing System is on the cutting-edge of hair restoration technology, and can help nourish and regenerate your scalp and follicles.

Losing your hair can be scary, but just because it starts to happen, doesn't mean there's nothing you can do about it. Give KERACELL® Hair & Scalp Revitalizing System a try and see what our Multiple Human Cell Stem Cell™ Technology can do for your hair and your confidence.

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