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Tips to Strengthen and Grow Your Hair

Thin, fragile hair has never been in style. There may be many factors that contribute to weak hair. A few signs include split ends, thinness, dryness, tangling, etc. Healthy hair requires a commitment, not a miracle. When reviewing your hair care routine, you should begin at your hair follicles. This is where your hair starts and usually the root of the problem. Check out these tips that will strengthen and replenish your hair:

Limit Washing

Washing is essential to keep your hair healthy and remove dirt or oil. On the other hand, excess washing causes your hair to be dry, which results in flaky scalps and dandruff. Over-washing your hair removes the nutrients from the follicles needed to grow and strengthen existing hair. If you notice thinness or surplus hair breakage, this can also be a result of over-washing. When hair is wet after washing, it becomes more fragile, which makes it easier for breakage through combing or brushing.

Additionally, over-washing may cause hair to quickly lose its’ hair, which gives the hair a fizzy dull appearance. When washing your hair, it’ important to find a shampoo with a moisturizer. A moisturizing shampoo will help hydrate your hair after washing and replenish the nutrients stripped away.

Use Silk Pillows and Oil Your Scalp

Cotton pillowcases cause friction, which results in breakage and damaged hair. Research shows that silk pillows decrease the number of split ends found on the hair. Also, cotton pillowcases absorb the oils and nutrients in the hair. This contributes to dry hair and breakage.

There are several benefits of using natural oils on your hair. Research shows that oil provides an instant source of nutrients to the scalp through increasing blood circulation and interacting directly with the hair roots. Oil aids in protecting the hair from damage and flaky scalps; Oil also helps regrow the hair by strengthening the follicles and making the hair thicker.

Keracell – Hair & Scalp Revitalizing System​

Say goodbye to oily, dry, and thin hair! Our Hair & Scalp Revitalizing System is perfect for all types of hair, both men and women. This product was made to cleanse and nourish the scalp and hair while strengthening the hair follicles. Loaded with antioxidants, these products limit hair damage and increase the size of the hair follicle, which aids making the hair thicker and healthier.

All our products have been clinically trialed and are paraben, fragrance, and cruelty-free. We target the anagen/telogen ratios to prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth. Join the innovative and revolutionary Hair Revitalizing System by booking a consultation today!

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