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Is Unwanted Body Hair Removal Becoming a Chore?

Do you have unwanted body hair growing in places you’d rather not have it? In many cultures removing hair on the legs is customary. Some cultures also remove arm hair. Hair removal on what’s called the Bikini Line has become popular in recent years. The skimpier the bikini, the more popular hair removal becomes.

How about you? Would you like to remove unwanted hair from one or more parts of your body? Maybe you wouldn’t mind the hair if it were not so thick or coarse, or if it were blonde, but the darker the hair, the more visible it becomes. Sometimes genetics come into play when it comes to hair growth and if you don’t want it, your only way around it is to remove it.

Unless leaving body hair alone is preferred culturally or dictated by fashion, removing unwanted body hair is a common grooming task. Do you have a preferred method? Some people prefer waxing (ouch!) and others prefer shaving it away, which can be a daily chore depending on how quickly your hair grows back or how smooth you want your skin to be. Stubble is not fashionable.

Waxing lasts a little longer and some say the hair grows back a little softer. But as we said, OUCH! It’s not for those with a low threshold for pain.

Laser treatments offer a more permanent method of hair removal, but if undergoing a series of treatments is not your preference for completely and permanently removing unwanted body hair, and if you want the hair removed, you’re going to have to repeat whichever other hair removal method there is to choose from.

Here’s the thing: body hair inevitably grows back. However, with KERACELL® Hair Minimizing Body Lotion with MHCsc™ Technology, you may have to think about hair removal less often. There is a way to extend and enhance the effects of unwanted body hair removal with KERACELL® and it’s been proven by clinical studies.

Clinical Studies

Is KERACELL® Hair Minimizing Body Lotion with MHCsc™ Technology a depilatory cream? Not at all! Our patented, clinically-tested, formula contains an extract from the leaves of the Gymnema Sylvestre plant known as PilisoftTM. The gymnenic acids contained have been shown in clinical studies to successfully prolong and enhance the effects of hair removal treatments.

How does this work? Glad you asked! The explanation is on the scientific side, but here’s how it works.

Keracell® works by reducing keratinocyte proliferation and impairment of the mitotic activity of hair follicles. And there’s something else. KERACELL® Hair Minimizing Body Lotion with MHCsc™ Technology also contains a keratin-specific enzyme known as Depil EnzymeTM which helps break down newly formed keratin proteins into peptides that can be easily rinsed off. (Rinsing off surely sounds a lot easier than some of the other methods, doesn’t it?)

Finally, thanks to KERACELL® Hair Minimizing Body Lotion with MHCsc™ Technology you can have the hairless skin you prefer without all of the time and hassle it takes to remove it.


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