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KERACELL MD® introduces a revolutionary skin care line utilizing MULTIPLE HUMAN CELL Stem Cell Technology developed by two Ph.D biomedical scientists with expertise in stem cell research and cancer molecular biology. Our MHCsc factors are an optimized, proprietary blend of Adipose (derived) and Fibroblasts, boasting over 542 measurable, balanced Matrix Proteins, Peptides, Growth Factors, Cytokines, and a powerhouse of Antioxidants utilizing Exosome delivery. Our exclusive clinical strength formulas are based on years of research, formulation expertise, and technologically advanced ingredients that deliver unparalleled efficacy.

Paraben. Fragrance. Cell. Cruelty... FREE

The Scientists Behind KERACELL MD® Technology Take a Unique Approach to our Core MHCsc Complex

Each different source (fibroblasts, adipose-derived, placenta, umbilical, etc) produces respectively valuable sets of proteins best reflective of the cell origin and function. KERACELL's MHCsc complex was developed after elaborate lab research, culturing methods, and blend ratios by Ph.D biomedical scientists with expertise in stem cell research and cancer molecular biology who profoundly understand our body’s cellular physiology at a molecular level specifically for use in topical skin care.

KERACELL's hybrid of fibroblasts and adipose-derived stem cell conditioned media was generated to consist of the most effective, balanced and proficient assembly of intact protein molecules which has the best rejuvenation capacity to address skin firmness, wrinkle reduction and cell vitality. Our passage of cells contain naturally occurring tiny nano-lipids (1000 times smaller than cells) called exosomes for efficacious delivery. KERACELL's core MHCsc technology is then formulated with additional biomimetic targeted peptides (both invitro and invivo clinically tested) to further enhance health, state, and structure of the skin.


KERACELL's MHCsc Core Technology Has Undergone:

  • Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (LC-Masspec) was performed at Stanford University Proteomics Core Facility (Stanford, CA) to detect the full array of proteins and peptides (well over 540 balanced specifically for wound care/skin care)​

  • Gene Expression Analyzation (built-in auto- growth controlling/regulating mechanism in the cell)​

  • ELISA Assay Protein Marker  (96 well plate for stability, quality, quantity, consistency)​

  • Clinical Trial Testing (Placebo, Solely using MHCsc media)


email: tel: 714-477-6933

DISCLAIMER: KERACELL MD® products are only available for purchase through your physician.

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