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Tips to Get Rid of Unwanted Body Hair

If you are tired of constantly having to shave your body hair, you are not alone. Every year, women get excited for ‘No Shave November’ to come around so that we can justify why we aren’t shaving for a month. Whether you want to get rid of the hair on your arms, legs, face, shoulders, or back, there are several ways you can remove it. From plucking and tweezing, to shaving and waxing, removing hair can be quite painful and uncomfortable. Here are some tips for how to get rid of unwanted body hair:


Shaving is a really common way to eliminate hair on the body. You can shave your head, arms, legs, armpits, chest, stomach, and more. There are certain areas of the body that you should not shave, such as your eyebrows, upper lips and chin, and neck. When you shave your eyebrows, it can take months or longer to grow back. Since everyone’s hair grows back at different rates, you never know how long it may take. The skin around your eyebrows is super thin and sensitive, which means you can easily nick yourself. When you shave your upper lip, you risk getting painful razor bumps and stubbly, coarse hair grows back.

Hair functions as protection, regulates body temperature, and facilitates the evaporation of perspiration. The hair on our head serves primarily as a source of heat insulation and cooling, as well as protection from UV rap exposure. When you shave your head, you need to be weary of sun exposure and sun damage. Be sure to wet your skin and hair to soften it before shaving, and always use a shaving cream or gel for a layer of protection. Shave in the direction that the hair grows, not against the grain.


If you’ve ever tweezed a hair before, you probably know that it’s not an enjoyable experience. Plucking is the process of removing hair by mechanically pulling the follicle from the part of the body. People typically tweeze their eyebrows, nose, chin, upper lip, knuckles, and toes. It’s important to note that when you tweeze or pluck hair, the area typically becomes irritated, red and inflamed from the process. When you pluck hairs anywhere on the body, the hair will not grow back thicker, as many people commonly believe that is the case. The benefits of tweezing hair include a reduction in facial hair growth for a short period of time, affordability, and convenience.

Tweezing can lead to ingrown hairs, which are shaved or tweezed hairs that grow back into the skin, causing inflammation. It is a slow and tedious option to remove a group of hairs. Tweezing can also break the hair, rather than pull it out. So be careful and cautious if you decide to tweeze some hairs on the body!

Body Hair Minimizing Lotion from KERACELL®

If you’re tired of shaving or tweezing unwanted body hair, you can opt for a painless, effective, and scientifically-proven treatment from KERACELL®. Our main goal at KERACELL® is results, and each product is uniquely formulated using MULTIPLE HUMAN CELL Stem Cell Technology (MHCsc). The technology is then combined with proven cosmetic “bio-active” ingredients such as vitamins, minerals, targeted peptides, and more.

Our Body Hair Minimizing Lotion with MHCsc™ Technology contains Pilisoft™, which is an extract derived from the leaves of Gymnema Sylvestre. It is also rich in gymnenic acids that successfully prolong and enhance the effects of hair removal treatments. Its innovative mechanism of action is based on the important role that gymnenic acids play in the inhibition process of hair follicle activity.

Clinical tests have demonstrated its ability to reduce keratinocyte proliferation and impair the mitotic activity of hair follicles. Its efficacy on both slowing hair growth and reducing hair density has been confirmed by clinical studies with significant results obtained over a one-month period. It also contains Depil Enzyme™, a keratin specific enzyme derived from a fermentation process that helps to “digest” newly formed keratin protein into peptides, which are then easily rinsed off when you shower.

You can apply Our Lotion to freshly cleansed skin for optimal performance. Massage onto areas of the body where you want to minimize hair re-growth. It may be used after waxing, shaving or laser hair removal including on intimate areas. Remember to use it daily for best results.

You can also check out our Facial Hair Inhibiting Serum that helps slow hair growth and reduces hair density!


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